About Chern Sern

Chern Sern Property Services Pte Ltd was established in 1994. We are a professional firm with more than 20 years of experience in local property management. We own a team of experienced property managers. Our property managers understand BCA regulations very well and we are well-connected with all kinds of building maintenance and repair contractors. 

We are well-trained to upkeep and maintain the properties in tip top shape. Besides having a network of maintenance contractors, we also have our own maintenance team that can respond to calls for emergency building repairs. 

We also possess an admin and accounts department to provide other property management services like accounting services, host Annual General Meetings, post notices on noticeboard and prepare all admin paperworks and submissions required by BCA and IRAS. 

To enhance the experience of connecting with our internet savvy residents, we have created a portal to manage facilities booking and feedbacks about the properties we manage. 

We are definitely not your ordinary managing agent. Through our experience, we understand that every development has its own unique culture and structure to maintain. With our network and expertise, we are well-equipped to customize our services to the different needs of each property that we manage.